We Discovered CBD…

Yes, this product may actually be able to help the body heal!

By chance I read a testimony on a FB page from a person that I trust, respect and care about. That testimony moved me to take action and send him a direct message… “Should Mark be on this product?” His answer was “YES”.

Some background, Mark is a diabetic type 1 for 49 years. Mark is very open to things I read and ask him to try, in addition Mark is also aggressive in his approach with his diabetes. I personally didn’t even have CBD on the radar, that was not the case for Mark. He had been reading how doctors were suggesting this might have very positive benefits for diabetic patients. His alternative/medical doctor said “absolutely YES” you need to be on this product. Now, we have 2 professionals strongly suggesting… Full Spectrum Organic CBD. We knew it is a widely used treatment for pain, anxiety, inflammation, as well as many other conditions associated with diabetes.

We were dealing with pain in his back, blood sugar management (lows at night), along with highs during the day, insomnia, inflammation, anxiety, and seriously becoming insulin resistance. Since 2010 we have become disappointed with several innovative health products through direct sales that we were using with some good bumps in his health, however our biggest struggle was we didn’t recognize the ingredients. Slowly we felt that was going to be a problem with us philosophically along with the hidden health concerns.

Fortunately, for us we found Touchstone Essentials, based in the US.  Touchstone is a plant-based, whole food, certified organic nutritional company. We knew every single ingredient … and we didn’t waste a moment and ordered immediately and become a VBO for the savings and benefits. Soon, after we decided to become an Advantage Distributor for the company and be able to provide this to customers and professionals in the health and wellness industry.

Fast forward, we are sharing our educational blogs, along with our new $50 Gift Card program for all NEW customers and VBO’s. It’s become a passion of mine and to be able to participate in educating the public along with possibly building a strong immune system that fights disease and stays healthy and strong.

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CBD may relieve chronic pain, fights inflammation, regulates blood sugar, promotes restful sleep, reduces anxiety, along with a slew of other miraculous benefits. It may help improve systems of MS, IBD (Crohn’s or Colitis),  arthritis, hypertension, allergies, asthma, and even deals with free radicals. Even may work to help eliminate fat…

CBD is a legitimate alternative to a prescription drug loaded with side effects. More follow-up studies will become available to us and be published.

We just might be onto one of the most natural remedies for healing. As you might be thinking now, Who do I buy it from Amazon? 3rd Party? It’s a rocket category so it will be everywhere from Amazon to gas stations.

I’m sharing an educational blog for you to READ & INFORM yourself on this product.


Warm Regards,

Jana & Mark Clinton

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