Skin Care, Makeup & Fighting for Our Health Tips

  1. GLOWING SKIN – A skin care routine, weekly masks and facials, oils, moisturizer, sun screen
  2. Mindful of a light hand – a little goes a long ways.
  3. Have more than one look… be able to go from a minimal look, an updated natural look, to a professional or even applying new trends.

I think people think glowing skin is natural but it is not. What you put on your skin, the water you drink, the food you eat, using a routine for cleansing, masks, exfoliation, sun screen it all plays a key role in how your skin looks. As we age we can get a dull finish, drying skin and our natural oils need to be replenished. We need to hydrate our skin twice a day, more in the summer months, and way more than we used too when we were younger. Also, it is important for me to know that the ingredients in my skin care were good for me with no chemicals or toxins. You have to really work on your skin to keep it glowing. Trust me it’s not natural unless you are very young.

I think the most important tip is being mindful of a light hand. I think what happens to many of my customers they have one look and that’s what you see for every day or night. I would have a minimal look for staying at home, a natural look for everyday out and about, and then for those times that you are going to dinner, and other places that you want a more polished look. I think it’s fun to try some of the trends and being mindful what season we are in from summer to fall looks.


4. I use and recommend our Dew Date Oil, along with an anti-aging product, and a hydration moisturizer. I let the skin care products set for about 5 minutes before you apply your foundation. I do use a primer that is loaded with vitamins and minerals. All of our sprays from primer to finishing are a must if you want to extend your look for more than 16 hours. I never have to touch up and I feel like my look lasts all day long.

5. Your foundation can be applied as a BB cream (sheer) to a full coverage which is a perfect way to take your makeup from a minimal look all the way to a polished look. I love our botanical foundation because you can apply it as sheer as you want to full coverage and being able to cover scars and rosacea. I also use many tones of our concealer for my eye primer, covering redness and purple tones, sun spots and brightening under the eyes. The goal is to hide discoloration and remember a little goes a long ways. To enhance your complexion to one color tone is very flattering and healthy looking. Our concealers are 84% pigment and foundation is 54% most products on the market are between 18 to 22%. Obviously, you have to use more to get the coverage when the pigment isn’t there. That is why our foundation is so special for women over 40 years old. Retails for $36 and lasts from 4 to 6 months. Most of my customers have tried everything from Bare Minerals to high-end foundations and ours truly is one of the top 3 in the entire makeup market and used by professional makeup artists for decades.

6.  FILLING IN THE BROWS We have to fill them in for all looks and my preference is eyeshadow. I think it looks more natural than a pencil and the color options are great. If you have the funds the best procedure that I have had done is microblading. It’s expensive but so worth it. If you are in the UTAH area, my recommendation is Olya, she is the very best in my opinion. Here is a link to her website: UtahMicroblading

7.  I use very little setting powder and it has to be translucent powder so it functions as it should. I don’t put it under my eyes and only on my nose, middle forehead and chin, if at all. 

8.  LOVE our BRONZER I pat it on the top of my hairline on my forehead, under my cheeks for contouring and my jaw line and down the middle of my neck. Our Bronzer can also be used as eyeshadow. If you want a beautiful sun touched bronzer take a look at ours… Retails for $24.

9.  I use a very light blush sometimes in the peach or pink tones depending on my lip color. I apply it on the highest part of my check bone in an upwards motion. I have to admit I go very light on my blush. I know in the past I was applying too much blush and more on the apple of my check. We need to go lighter and apply it higher as we get older.

10.  Mascara is a must and I love our $20 tube. In fact it has been the #1 item every month since I have been retailing LimeLife which is almost 2 years. It’s a fiber building, curls lashes and the more you apply the more bold it looks. So you can take it from a minimal look to a heavy black bold eye.

Tips from taking your makeup to different levels really comes to how you address your foundation, lips and your eyes. Obviously you would go from a sheer to a full coverage, nude to a more colorful lip, and for the eyes creams and light taupe to deep rich colors.

Blending is everything from pressing in your foundation to blending your powders. ALWAYS clean your tools once a week if not more (if you are getting breakouts first place to look is the hygiene of your brushes and tools.)

I tried to rank these in order of importance and hopefully you can look at your skin care and makeup and keep what you love and come shopping with me for some new natural skin care or professional grade makeup. Shop with Jana 

Here is my Facebook Business Page… Nana’s Life if you are local or want to find me.

Mark and I have also been using an HGH Gel that both of us can speak to the improvements in our skin, our energy, how we sleep, our calmness, and most excited about how much stronger we feel. Ask me for more information here or visit our site to become a customer. More information here

We both fight fiercely for our health as we want to live and be able to do all the activities into our later years.






Jana Clinton Spa Day at Home

First thing before you begin your Spa Day at HOME make yourself a picture of Lemon Water and drink that first thing in the morning and all day long… I love mint so I always add mint.



DO A 5 MINUTE HAIR MASK WHILE YOU ARE SHAVING YOUR LEGS….Make your own hair mask…This is the most simple hair mask you can make for yourself. It only has one ingredient and that is warm coconut oil. The weather is changing and we can feel it on our skin and we can see it with our hair. I seem to never have time to take extra care of my hair. Taking this time now will make my hair happy!


Did you know you can shave your legs with either of our body scrubs? The softest legs you will every have and they are beach ready and feel soft and smooth even in our upcoming cold weather… also keep your feet ready for flip flops all year round. My personal favorite is the Bamboo Renew we also have a Coconut- Lemon Body Scrub Verbena for all skin types. I keep this in the shower at all times and this is the only way I shave my legs. Keeps me spoiled my legs look amazing! Try it

Jana Clinton Beauty Guide for LimeLight by Alcone

We have the BEST cure cream I have personally every used and it has incredible healing power. It truly smells amazing and works with many skin issues like super dry heels on your feet, psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, sun burn, skin rashes, skin wounds, stretch marks, and reduces scarring. It’s that GOOD! Not only am I going to shave my legs with the bamboo scrub I am also going to use the same product on my feet then I’m going to apply our Forty Cure Cream  

Forty Cure Cream

Also in the shower is my face cleansers and I have to admit I do go back and forth because my skin is always changing. My favorite right now is the Dream Clean it completely takes absolutly everything off my face. Any bacteria and my face is squicky clean and I love that feeling. It’s also a foaming cleanser. Now I’m ready for my Mask which today I’m choosing our SKIN POLISH (because it smells amazing and leaves my skin super soft and bright.

Now we are ready to apply our Skin Polish Mask and chill … Our nutrient-rich scrub and mask hydrates, balances, and reduces inflammation. Natural jojoba beads roll away impurities, as well as dead and dehydrated skin cells, so oils from olives, lemon, and cypress can restore and protect your skin. It’s one of my personal favorites and many of my customers are in love with this mask. 

Skin Polish Mask Jana Clinton Everyday is a Spa Day

Everyday is a Spa Day with Skin Polish

After 15 minutes I’m washing my face again and this time I’m using my Quench Cleanse because now I’m going into hydration power mode. This cream cleanser is fabulous after the skin polish. Once my face is cleansed then I am going to apply my favorite moisturizer which is Skin Therapist which is made with pomegranite and goes immediately into my skin. Then I’m going to apply the GLOW which is our Must Dew theraputic oil which helps generate new skin cells. I LOVE this product and works so well it can by your only moisturizer, too. The trend now is glowing skin so take advantage of these beautiful products and they are so affordable. Skin Care Retails $26 to $38 the majority of our line with one drop wonder $82 ( I have to say it lasts 5 months and is worth every penny). Most of our products last 3 to 6 months on the average so the quality and long lasting is a key quality to my customers. Sometimes I don’t hear from them for a long while and it’s only because they still have product!







Splurge here with SOTOXS which has totally diminshed my sun spots all around my eyes, it also has brighten my skin under my eyes. Now using it more strategically on my neck where I have sun spots and upper cheek bones. Love this anti-aging serum…







Lastly I get to apply our One Drop Wonder which is a CARRIER OIL so everything you have done prior will not be driven deeper into your skin… WOW This product has transformed my skin and had such an amazing impact. Because of the retail I was slow to purchase and I have to tell you it’s worth every penny. Only 2 drops a day and it has a zero carbon footprint, made in IOWA and one ingredient Omega 6 – which is an antioxidant for our face. It’s healing power is so powerful that in the 5 months my bottle has lasted around my eyes where I tend to sink in has been reduced and my upper brow is firmer. The places I put this on first is under my eye, eyebrow and the lines around my lips. Then I pat it everywhere.












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