What’s Different Now in Slowing Down the Aging Process….

New Season, New Decade. We are both motivated to continue to change our lifestyles for the better…small changes are working for us.

Jana & Jake

Nothing stays the same … right!

What’s New

The biggest change for us is being a provider for plant-based certified organic whole food nutrition, the company is called Touchstone Essentials. We have completely changed to plant-based nutrition for so many reasons. For starters: diabetes, chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety and migraines just to name a few health issues that have slowly creeped up on us.

Google says Plant Based Nutrition is the number one thing googled today and our company is in that lane with pure, effective, high absorption products that can change your life. The first product I will brag about is our Full Spectrum Organic CBD 750 ML (no THC) it’s our #1 selling CBD. Using our a $50 gift card program for new customers and VBO’s makes this a perfect no risk introductory to our company’s products. Send me a text (949) 92901733 and I will personally help you select which products make sense for you. 

Studies are showing 60% of the public want more information on CBD and 48% want to be customers. Our companies number one product worldwide is our Extra Strength Pure Body and Pure Body Detox. With all of the toxins in our food supply and water, let alone the air we breath… it’s almost a must use plant-based product. You can learn more on our site and go right to our buyer verified reviews, and the science behind pure body.

I couldn’t leave out our Plant Based Super Green Juice which has completely changed our minds on the convenience of getting our green into our health routine. While we do travel and we have active lives and that alone gives us peace of mind we can get our daily vegetables in us. One scoop of Super Green Juice gives us 33 servings yes, 33 servings in one scoop of vegetables and fruit.

We do have other products from our clean vegan protein shake to all vegetable cap supplements which have been researched all the way back to the soil. We care about purity and our founder believes it’s possible and so do we. We are for sure disrupting the nutritional industry and I love being a part of that.

We have many professionals in the health industry that we are supporting from pain management clinics, spas, chiropractor, health and wellness providers, physical therapists, and other professionals. They are getting asked by their patients about CBD and they have read the reports and believe in CBD. They know their patients are purchasing these products somewhere, why not from them.

Easy, simple program that can be activated with our $50 Gift Card. Come Join Us as we impact lives one at a time.


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