Jana Clinton Beauty Guide

I’m Jana — a believer in His Grace, a devoted wife, mother of two and Nana to 5 beautiful grand children. My family is everything to me and my greatest joy in my life. I feel blessed to have a growing relationship with God, my sweet husband, my kids and grandkids. I have a few close friends that support me and love me as I do them. God has been so good and I am so thankful everyday. I pray that I can inspire and share His love with the people He brings into my life. If God is for us who could ever stop us… right!

The things that interest me now in this season of my life is making sure each day is fulfilled in His purpose. I like simple things, I love being outside, and my favorite is sharing time with my family.

If you have stopped on this page, my  entrepreneurial side is investing time in building a business in the beauty industry with LimeLight by Alcone.  I’m currently building a business with women and helping them feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. I have joined the company Limelight by Alcone as a Beauty Guide. My passion in helping women feel good about themselves at any age. I now offer beauty tips and techniques for all ages concerning how they choose and wear their makeup. The best for me is the natural skin care that has no harmful chemicals, its effective and affordable for all ages. LimeLight by Alcone’s skin care has completely changed my skin along with the tone, and how my skin feels. I can see how hydrated my face looks which has improved my fine lines and overall glow. I’m constantly surprised how beautiful these products makes my skin look and feel. They flat-out perform. 

I get asked all the time “What is LimeLight by Alcone’s flagship product?”  I am proud to say LimeLight by Alcone is a beauty brand that hand-picks from various vendors and formulas and includes the best of the best from all over the world. In other words, every product IS a flagship product in its own right. It only makes sense because Alcone, their parent company, has always been a store that catered to pro-makeup artists and was known for only bringing in products that artists really wanted for its performance.  

We are first and foremost, 60 years of expertise in the professional beauty industry. There is a difference … we are a beauty company. If you would like to take a peek take a moment and visit my Beauty Site: NaturalLimeLight

There is no one stand out product here. The entire line is stellar. The beauty of having every product that is superior in quality and price point allows the product to do all the work for me. I love helping women feel confident and beautiful. As my own personal skin has changed over the years, I still want to feel pretty and have a healthy glow. I know I can help you achieve that for you. As a beauty guide I can guide with your skin issues and selecting the right colors for you professional makeup. I look forward to helping you achieve the look that fits your style and personality. Send me a note below if you would like a one on one consultation. ~ Jana Clinton Beauty Guide for Limelight by Alcone

My fashion blog called Shop Nordy was created as an outlet to stay connected to my past career, with Nordstrom. I have over 27 years in the fashion industry and loved that part of my life. I do love staying current and in fashion for my lifestyle. I select an item several times a week, along with a Beauty Pick from Limelight by Alcone. My style now is more casual, less work-mode and more mainstream with a fashion twist. Take a moment and visit my site and subscribe so you never miss a post @Shop Nordy 

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