How did I find the Dream Job… it’s all about asking questions

My Dream Job,

I have always wanted a way to impact women’s lives. I never realized my passion for beauty and natural products till I was exposed to a 60-year-old company, called Alcone. As I have grown wiser I realized I wanted to educate and share resources to add value to women. I wanted to belong to a community with the same goals and ideology that share what we do is more important than the actual products. Don’t get me wrong, products have to be the best in the professional beauty industry. It was important to me and the company how we impact and educate women as our culture demonstrates that we believe in women.

Some of the questions I had to ask myself. Do I respect and admire the leadership of the individuals that I would be partnering with for this opportunity. The answer was YES! I would need to learn from them, as my career path was in fashion, not beauty. I wanted to know why this organization existed and how did my role fit into that. When I realized that we had the best products both in retail, ingredients, and quality I was “All In”. I wondered what path my career would take me with Limelight by Alcone (parent company *Alcone) and I have had immediate success here with the company. Once I experienced the products, the community, the leadership I knew that I had found a very special company. I love how our community collaborates, shares idea’s, mentors, encourages, and inspires others to shine, and we are in this together. We all win! I felt that I had 100% of what I was looking for in a company culture and now I have my dream role, and that’s a great trade-off.

  • Less is More
  • Customize Products
  • Education & Resources for Growth
  • Company Culture
  • Open Communication
  • Use what the Pro’s Use
  • Chemical Free Skin Care
  • Retails $22 to $44 (*One Drop Wonder $84)
  • Paid Your Worth
  • Customers Come First

My goal is to share this with 1,000 women and help them with their skin issues either with skin care or professional makeup. I love helping women feel confident and pretty. I look forward to sharing our products with you for a mini skin care work shop or a mini make over.

Take a moment and look at Limelight by Alcone Visit: http://NATURALLIMELIGHT.COM

Much Love,


your personal beauty guide

Jana Clinton

Welcome, I am glad you are here! My name is Jana and I am excited to share LimeLight by Alcone with you. I have worked almost three decades in the fashion industry, and trusting my intuition about trending products with women of all ages it was obvious I needed to be a part of LImelight. I believe women are looking for products that can create luminous glowing skin, and natural skin care. When I heard I could be a part of this amazing family owned company, and help women feel confident and beautiful, I knew it was a good fit for me. I’m excited to educate and empower my customers to look gorgeous every day of their life by implementing LimeLight into their daily routines. I look forward to sharing the best kept secret in the beauty industry! You can reach me by email at or my direct line at (949) 949-1733. You can also visit my personal website to learn more about me at

Much Love, Jana


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