Jana Clinton

I’m Jana — Investor,  Fashion Editor for Shop Nordy, and Entrepreneur.

After a 27-year career in Corporate America, I am passionate in creating a lifestyle from multiple income streams. I have my story which allowed me to find my way, through my struggles and learning from those life lessons and I want to share with you.

Jana Clinton

By the time I realized I could make my own decisions, I was closing in on 50 years old. I was afraid to step out of my comfort zone and do something that was risky and outside the norm. The status and power of working in corporate american had its pull on me. Now, having a different view-point on life, it has provided me an opportunity to share this with you.

Sadly, I came to realize that who I had become, did not reflect my truest desires. I have a desire to keep growing and building financial assets, creating income streams, planning family time, and make memories that are filled with laughter, good conversation, and being with my family and friends.


If you would like to do your own homework first as an Investor in the Forex Market click here and fill in your information to review the video. I will call you and introduce myself and share this industry with you. It’s time to take control and educate yourself in a market that is not going away…and can bless you and your family.

2nd option is to review the Forex Market click here and fill in your information and review the sequence of videos to educate yourself.

Fill out Information and leave your contact information in the comments for me to call you and introduce myself to you. I look forward to being a blessing to you either professionally or personally. 


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