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How to choose the right ingredients for the job…

It’s crazy walk through any store from Target to CVS to a department store like Nordstrom and you’ll see a mind-boggling array of products promising to make your skin look younger, firmer, lighter, and brighter. Faced with so many choices I could hardly stick with one product long enough to see the results it claimed for me.

I love that we have only 12 natural skin care products and that makes it pretty easy to feel confident in our product assortment and what we can do and why ingredients can give you the results you are looking for. I love sharing what I know and I am always learning with new research and new products on the market. I personally love our oils and so does my skin. We now what is good for your skin and what is not, chemicals do work no doubt but they are absorbed into your blood stream and they are harmful to you. If that is something you have wanted to change this is the brand to take a look at for a healthy radient skin.

To Prevent Fine Lines or Wrinkles

Choose: Sun Protection is critical and antioxidants. In an article in 2016 issue of Dermatologic Surgery shows sunscreen decreases both fine lines and brown spots. Apply it every day to not just your face, but your neck, chest AND your hands. AND… antioxidants!

My suggestion: Our Exclusive Product called One Drop Wonder, One Ingredient Pomifera Oil full of super antioxidants, rich in Omega 6, and UV protection. Repairs damaged and aged skin cells and helps heal many common skin issues, including rosacea. It reverses damage to your skin, restores moisture and leaves a natural glow. 5 Star Beauty Product for LimeLight by Alcone (ODW $84)

To Treat Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Dark Spots and Brighten Skin 

My suggestion: Choose our Sotoxs ($42) which is our ultra-effective serum uses natural-based ingredients to eliminate dark spots, lift sagging skin, and smooth fine wrinkles. This moisturizer base also works to hydrate and rebalance your skin cells. What you want to research is Songyi Mushroom which relaxes facial muscles that cause fine lines and wrinkles. This is a very strong product.

For Dry Skin

My suggestion: My customers call this I need to reorder the Pomegranate Moisturizer and if you do your homework you understand why they love it so much. Pomegranate Sterols are extracted from pomegranate oil. Sterols can hold double their weight and deliver that excess water into surface skin cells. The oat Protein soothes inflamed skin and replenished devitalized cells. The name of this product is called Skin Therapist $26

  • Drink 8 ounces of water every day. 
  • Avoid Sugar, which is known to increase acne.
  • Eat more fruit and veggies, which floods your body with antioxidants that promote healthy skin. 
  • Get your REST a minimum of 7 hours of sleep a night. 
  • Sun damage is cumulative, and exposure to UV light speeds up the aging process. Limit time in the sun, and wear a hat and protective clothing.
  • Smoking introduces carcinogens to your skin, aging it prematurely. It also has been proven to contribute to adult acne, wrinkles and dull skin. Stop Smoking!

This is our assortment of our Natural, Certified Organic Ingredients, Made in the USA and the company is family owned (3rd Generation). We have affordable products that you know all the ingredients are natural, no chemicals and your skin will respond back to a healthy glow.

It’s very simple assortment: 2 Cleansers, 2 Moisturizer, 2 Masks, 3 Boosters, 3 Body Products.

Send a text with your address and request a LimeLight by Alcone Catalog and I will mail it out the following day. If you are local we can do a mini skin care clinic or do one on FaceTime. I look forward to sharing these amazing products with you. No routine and these work with other brands.

No Steps to Follow…give your skin these ingredients and you will see the difference!






My Beauty Products Must Haves That Changed My Life


My Beauty Picks

  • Must Dew $28
  • Botanical Foundation $36
  • Waterproof Concealer $24
  • Sotox (Natural Botox) $42
  • Perfect Bronzer $22
  • Skin Therapist $26
  • Finishing Spray 10 Years Younger $28
  • Quench Cleanse $26
  • No Color Perfect Pressed Powder $22
  • Enduring Lip $20

I am a Sales Rep for Limelight by Alcone, based in NYC. My personal experience with these products have changed my life. I have watched my skin become healthier and giving me a natural glow. I have listed my top 10 items that I use daily and over the last few months I have also added One Drop Wonder, which is a natural UV Protection, Repairs Skin, and ODW is a carrier oil. I only use it in the morning and I do use it last because it will activate all the other ingredients and drive all skin care products in deeper.

I will be 58 in December and I have wondered between several brands from opening to high-end over the last few decades and also used Botox when I turned 50. I have not used Botox since November of last year, just prior to starting with Limelight products. I was a consumer first and soon realized that I needed to be a part of this company. My background in retail/wholesale for 25 years gave me the confidence that these products were the real deal. The dramatic results with the value retail pricing allowed me to open up to a direct sales company. The best part was our leadership and CEO is family and they made the opportunity worth my time. Now, it was about helping women get the same results that I experienced, either as a customer or as a sales rep.

Why I become a sales rep with Limelight by Alcone 

1) The membership kit was only $164 and I received $330 worth of skin care and professional makeup. I would spend that on one shopping trip at Ulta.

2) Never EVER a Monthly Order required

3) $9.95 a month for my Shopping Website for Customers or to Become a Beauty Guide

4) Annual Fee (End of your First Year) $75

5) Commission began @ 20% and go up to 35%

6) If you choose to build a team you will receive commissions on your team, with being Active.

7) Team Training, Corporate Training, Facebook Live, Daily Communication from CEO

8) Partnered with L’Occitane to support infrastructure for global expansion, higher inventories, better fulfillment and procurement.

9) Parent Company Alcone over 60 plus years experience in the Beauty Industry with over 10,000 items and 35,000 makeup artists, etc.

10) Simple Business & Best Products on the Market (included a Natural Skin Care Line & Professional Grade Makeup)

Shop Here for My Beauty Top Ten List 

What are the biggest trends in 2017 for Skin Care

Luminous Complexion is the trend for 2017 …

What this means is that getting the luminous complexion of our dreams has never been easier (or less expensive, for that matter) especially with our Limelight by Alcone Natural Skin Care and Professional Grade Makeup.


“Research has shown that the bacteria in your gut interacts with your immune system, which leads to changes in your skin. Harmful bacteria in your gut can lead to inflammation—like redness, acne, and rosacea. I always tell my patients to incorporate foods and drinks that are rich in probiotics, like yogurt, miso soup, sauerkraut, and kombucha. I also recommend taking a supplement. Using a topical probiotic is beneficial, as it offers a protective shield and triggers the production of natural moisturizers in the skin.”


Improves skin complexion … “2017 will be the year of beauty from the inside out.”


“New research has shown that the pH of our skin is incredibly delicate, and harsh cleansers strip natural hydrators and barriers of the skin, flaring inflammatory conditions like acne, eczema, and rosacea. The trend seems to be to clean smarter, not clean harsher. All those crazy find-it-in-your-kitchen cleaning techniques on Pinterest? They’ll be replaced by more intelligent cleaning options that are pH balanced and less likely to disrupt the natural normal healthy flora we need on our skin.”

Limelight by Alcone has 11 Skin Care Products that are all natural, chemical free. Our product assortment has 2 Cleansers, 2 moisturizers, 2 Masks, 3 Boosters, and 3 Body Products. Request a catalog from me and we can visit on your skin issues and how you can create luminous glowing skin at any age.

One of our purest skin care products that I want to highlight is our exclusive One Drop Wonder, and its secret is incorporating antioxidant-rich serum to your skin. Take a moment and visit my site and learn about this one ingredient amazing product. We are also listed on the #LeapingBunny site for clean, cruelty free skin care companies. I look forward to being your Beauty Guide and prepping your skin to stay dewy and hydrated to a luminous glow that is your best kept secret to your personal beauty from the inside out.

Much Love,

Jana (949) 929-1733


Let’s Transform Your Skin 





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