Jana Clinton

I’m Jana — a Fashion Editor, Creative Marketer, and Entrepreneur.

Shop Nordy is a fashion style website that features Nordstrom products exclusively. Blending marketing know-how and stylish sensibilities, my experience has a practical approach to developing a style for clients and companies that supports authenticity and confidence. A way of ultimately making getting dressed easier and shopping more strategic. You can visit my website here.

After a 27-year career in Corporate America, I now find my passion in creating business from multiple income streams. I have my story which allowed me to find my way, through my struggels and learning from those life lessons and I want to share with you.

Jana Clinton

By the time I realized I could make my own decisions, I was closing in on 50 years old. I was afraid to step out of my comfort zone and do something that was risky and outside the norm. The status and power of working in corporate american had its pull on me. Now, having a different view-point on life, it has provided me an opportunity to share in my grandchildrens lives, where I have a relationships with all 5 of them. I’m truly blessed, and to be connected to a community that works together for the same cause to help others create the life they choose.

Sadly, I came to realize that who I had become, did not reflect my truest desires. I have a desire to create, plan, and make memories that are filled with laughter, conversation, and being with my family. I was living a life others had planned for me and I was uninspired, unfulfilled, and craving something more.

I wanted to live a life I loved, to make my passions my career, and to make choices that reflected my values and my heart.The problem was, I didn’t trust myself. I was scared. I had to be strong and courageous, and believe my intuition. I challenged myself to take that road and build a life that allowed me to experience life with my family and friends.

Integrating our passions with our career should come easy. We should have a right to do what we love.

But for so many of us, it is more difficult than you’d imagine. So many people have a similar experience as I did. We literally don’t realize…


You do have the ability!

You see I didn’t have a choice, because I ended up chasing power and money. It’s sad, I can still hear my mom begging me to move near her and start over. I couldn’t even process the thought of making a change.  I dismissed her wise consultation, time after time.

Yep, my career pulled up the hand brake. In literally 5 days my mom passed away, my job was moving to NYC, and we sold our home. We had no idea where we were going to live. That setback though turned out to be the greatest blessing in my life. From that point I made a conscious decision to live the life that I wanted to, and focus on my family.

Starting right at the bottom, having no job, and helping my family deal with Mom’s passing, and packing our home of 25 years, with no where to go. To say the least it was daunting…  I have always had an interest in the aging process, and living a healthy lifestyle. My husband, Mark has diabetes type 1 for 40 + years, and we have together learned how to eat right, exercise and the missing component for both of us was good mineral water. When I found this product and realized everyone needed this product, even children. I was able to determine my own pay check. I could work the hours that I wanted to work. Most important to me, I am so grateful to work with people, whereby I make a positive difference in their life.

Now I want to show you how to do this.

I am not expecting you to quit your job, but rather make a commitment that you are going to make a difference in your life and live the life you want.

That is all that is needed…You must want to make the change!

You will be surprised. When you are true to your heart and when you are honest about the life you want to create, you can get excited and make a difference.

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